Citadel Plus 10 20 250 4.000 700.000 5 Draw Fire – Forces enemies to attack Citadel within its’ range.
Travel – Increases Citadel’s speed to a set amount above maximum.
Protection – 25% of damage taken by group members of nearby allies is redirected to the Citadel
Fortify – Reduces damage by 80%, reducing your speed to 200 and makes you unable to use Jump Gates.
Prismatic Endurance – Reduces damage from enemy lasers by 80% and prevents penetration through enemy shields for 25 seconds.
Goliath Plus 18 18 330 1.500 356.000 4 HEAT Enhancement – Buffs your P.E.T.’s stats and abilities based on your P.E.T’s HEAT Level. Increase each stat by 1% for each HEAT level (from 1% to max 5%)
Hammerclaw Plus 14 16 310 1.500 377.500 4 HP Repair – Select an allied pilot and heal the pilot up to 450k HP and yourself up to 225k HP.
Shield Repair – Select an allied pilot and repair the pilot’s shield power up to 240k shield power and your shield power up to 150k shield power.
Repair Pod – Drops a repair pod to heal all allied ships in a medium radius up to 200k HP.
Reallocate – 20% of total damage dealt to opponent (for 10 seconds) will be used for healing (equally distributed amongst clan members (at the end of the skill uptime)
Hecate Plus 16 18 310 1.500 377.500 4 Particle Beam Plus – Deals damage similar to Venom’s ability, slows down Hecate by 10%.
Stockpile – Killing an NPC adds a charge to Stockpile, up to 10 charges. When Stockpile is not activated, your range is increased by 5 units per charge in Stockpile. After Stockpile is activated, shield strength is increased by 0.2% for 10 seconds, where each stockpile charge gives 0.2% more than the previous charge. Your range is reset to the original range and charges are reset to 0.
Liberator Plus 12 12 350 1.500 275.000 4 Self Repair – Restore 35.000 HP per second to our ship for 10 seconds.
Pusat Plus 18 16 400 1.500 325.000 4 Speed Sap – Reduce your target’s speed by 10% and increase your own speed by 10%
Stim Barier – 5% chance to absorb 10% of damage taken to recover HP.
Solace Plus 16 18 310 1.500 377.500 4 Nano-Cluster Repairer Plus – INSTANTLY restores 50% of your HP and 25% of your group members’ HP.
Solaris Plus 18 16 310 1.500 400.000 4 Incinerate Plus – Deals 15.000 damage per second to ships and aliens in its area within 600 radius for 10 seconds. Players in the same company are not broken.
Spearhead Plus 14 17 370 1.500 350.000 4 Ultimate Cloaking – Hides you in a special type of cloak which hides you from the enemy’s minimap but reveals you once you attack a pilot/alien, collect something or jump through a portal. Your Ultimate Cloaking is immune to EMP.
JAMX Creed – Cancels other skills and prevents the ships to use the until the skill runtime is over (doesn’t cancel NPC skills).
Neutralizing Marker – This ability marks targets for your group, increasing the laser damage caused by all outfit members, increases Spearhead Plus’ own speed by 5% for 15 seconds, and reduces the target’s shield penetration by 50%.
Recon – Doubles your range on the minimap.
Tartarus Plus 14 16 250 1.500 377.500 4 Rapid Fire Plus – Instantly loads all your rocket launchers with the maximum possible number of rockets, and reduces your cooldown in between firing them to one second! This also puts your rocket launchers into overdrive and increases damage from them by 20% while the ability is active!
Speed Boost Plus – Increases the ship speed by 45%. Reduces lasers damage by 20%.
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