R-Zone is a map that can be accessed by players from all servers.

R-Zone is triggered in-game using the button with the crossed triangle symbol.
The button is available from level 6.

After pressing the button, the player is placed in a queue. Now a corresponding R-zone is calculated for him: each R-zone has a maximum number of players, and the equipment of members of the respective companies should be approximately the same. This calculation may take several minutes. After another security inquiry, the player is finally transferred to a specific map.

Clicking the R-Zone button again allows the player to leave the R-Zone, giving him a 5-second countdown during which he can cancel exiting the R-Zone. Then it lands at the home base at X-1 map.

The current R-Zone focuses, like battle maps on PvP (player versus player). Each company has its own Teleport where players respawn after shooting them down. The kill points affect the ranking of the home server as usual.

There are also various tasks to be completed in R-Zone map. Possible objectives are to find specific coordinates, survive x minutes on the map, and deal damage and shoot down enemy players.

Actually the R-Zone map isn’t working properly and it’s hard to get there.

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