The rank is counted once a day and therefore the figures listed here are provided as estimates. At the time of rank calculation, there is no guarantee that the existing ones will not change if they have already achieved a certain number of points, as the values of other players are also constantly changing.

Chief General 1 player per company
General 2 players per company
Basic General 3 players per company
Chief Colonel 5 players per company
Colonel 20 players per company
Basic Colonel 1% of company
Chief Major 1.5% of company
Major 2% of company
Basic Major 2.5% of company
Chief Captain 3% of company
Captain 3.5% of company
Basic Captain 4% of company
Chief Lieutenant 4.5% of company
Lieutenant 5% of company
Basic Lieutenant 6% of company
Chief Sergeant 7% of company
Sergeant 8% of company
Basic Sergeant 9% of company
Chief Space Pilot 10% of company
Space Pilot 12.9% of company
Basic Space Pilot 20% of company

Administrator – If you encounter any ship with a large yellow A on a blue shield, you have the administrator’s ship in front of you. This ship does not attack players and should not be shot at.
Outlaw – Symbol for players who “achieve” at least -500 honor.

Positive impact to rank: Negative ways to impact your rank: Negative ways to lose honor points:
  • Experience Points /100.000
  • Honour Points /100
  • Player shot points x3
  • Your level x100
  • Days since registration x6
  • Your ship type (Venom for example) x1.000
  • NPC shot points /2
  • Missions completed x100
  • Friendly players destroyed x100
  • Destroyed by enemies x4
  • Destroyed by radiation zone x8
  • Phoenix ships destroyed x2
  • Stealing cargo boxes from other players from the same company.
    (-10 respect, twice as much for each next one)
  • Destroying the players of your own company
    (-100 credit for the first kill, for each additional twice as much)
  • Killing your company’s P.E.T.s
  • When changing the company, we lose 50% of the honor points gained.

A very severe effect of negative honor is the weakening of the power of laser shots while fighting other players (they are not taken into account in the case of an attack on aliens).

  • -200 honor points = 10% lower damage -> (90% basic damage)
  • -500 honor points = 20% lower damage -> (80% basic damage)
  • -1.000 honor points = 40% lower damage -> (60% basic damage)
  • -2.000 honor points = 70% lower damage -> (30% basic damage)
  • -10.000 honor points = 90% lower damage -> (10% basic damage)
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