Flying in a group is very useful when completing missions.
All aliens killed by group members count towards to our mission.
Uridium, Credits, Experience Points, and Honor Points are shared among all group members.
If we want it to give us aliens and items from other members, we have to keep shooting aliens. After about 20 seconds of inactivity, we will get nothing.

As a group leader, you can invite players and kick them out.
The maximum number of people in a group is 8 players.

If the other player has Shared Boosters (B02), we will get additional bonuses from that player in the group:

  • Experience: +5%
  • Honor: +5%
  • Damage: +1%
  • Shield: +2%
  • Hitpoints: +1%
  • Speed: +1%
  • Shield Regeneration Speed: +2%
  • Cooldown: -30%
  • Resources: +10%

If several players have these boosters, we will get a higher percentage.

How to add a player to the group?
Click on the player ship and then the invite button.
How to add a player from game chat to the group?
1. Select a nickname with the left mouse button.
2. Press ctrl and c at the same time.
3. Click the left mouse button in the group window.
4. Press ctrl and v at the same time.
5. Click the invite button.

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