Clans are a group of players formed by a leader and come with many benefits to each player in the clan. Such as daily taxes, tag names,, depict company affiliation, and much more. Joining a Clan costs a fee of 1.500 .

You can make your own clan or join an existing clan. A clan can offer you extra protection and offensive advantages.
As a clan founder, you can oversee your clan. You can accept or decline applications, send messages to members or reply to their messages, take care of the clan finances, upload a logo, etc.
Creation of a Clan requires 300.000 . to be formed. This is necessary to start a new Clan, however, it is not necessary in order to become the leader of a Clan.
Upon the Clan creation screen, you are asked to choose a Clan tag, name, description, ranks, and a logo. By creating the Clan, you become the leader and have full control to change any information. All the information can be changed at any time but Clan tag and name require a 48 hour limit between changing.
A leader in a Clan is able to create ‘ranks’ which can be assigned to certain members and can be named to the leader’s choosing. Each rank created lets you choose how much rights that rank has to the Clan.
When you create a Clan, your tax still goes in your treasury even if you don’t have members but you can payout your treasury and give it to yourself and your real account will increase the Credits.

Once becoming a member of a Clan, you will now find a new Chat tab that lets you talk to soley your Clan members. In-game, fellow Clan members have green names, while allied Clans have green tags, and war Clans have red tags. NAP Clan communication is dependent on the Clan chat tab, message system, and third party communication software such as TeamSpeak. Most Clans will have members check their inbox regularly, as it is a dominant method for quick communication and because some do not prefer to install software to be able to.

Being in a Clan is the better social involvement with people who also share the interest to play Darkorbit. Of course, the most beneficial aspect of clans to many players is the payouts they receive on behalf of the clan.
Belonging to a clan, of course, means helping with missions and fighting together with other players.
Leaders, or other dedicated officials may choose to take out money from the clan treasury and give it to a player. This may be to help the player win a bid or purchase equipment, but 10 percent of the Credits given are automatically deleted by Darkorbit. Payouts are also not that easily earned, typically more conservative leaders will choose to pay members less, while others may be more accepting to the idea. Generally, a new recruit to a clan will have to prove their loyalty before Credits are handed out.

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