After logging in to the game for the first time, browse through all the buttons in the menu and familiarize yourself with the game settings and options.

At the beginning of the game, we perform missions (Starter missions 1-5lvl), from which we get various items, experience points, and money.
I recommend spending the saved credits on the Auction on the Leonov Ship, and later on Goliath Ship, which is the best for the beginning of our adventure.
We add all the ship’s equipment and change it in the hangar. Our ship must be at the base on the X-1 or X-8 home map at this time.
The priority is to get P.E.T. from Assembly, which will help you with many missions.
The next step are drones, it’s best to collect credits for Iris drones, which can be bought at the Auction (we can have a maximum of 8 Iris)

If we already have 8 drones, it is worth buying drone formations, such as: Drill, Heart nad Moth. The formations are very helpful when you passing galaxy gates.

At the beginning, we buy Lasers for credits in the Store, if we collect more credits, we can buy Laser LF-3 for credits at the Auction. We will also get other useful items at the Auction, such as generators and CPU’s.
We keep Uridium for other things, such as, for example, green keys to open boxes. It’s best to open Gold Boxes that appear every two weeks on Friday. From gold boxes, we can get lasers, generators, parts for drones (Apis and Zeus) and other useful items.
Our primary goal is to reach level 17, on which we will get Laser Prometheus Missions (10 lasers/missions), currently the best laser in the game. For this purpose, it is best to complete all available missions. We can skip missions involving the destruction of another player, but it is worth having one of them always active.
We get experience points and currency from missions and for destroying aliens.
Let’s not forget about doing daily missions (available from level 3), from which we get Urdium and necessary items, such as green keys.
With each level, we unlock access to new maps and new missions.

Another important step in the game is to expand Skylab. Skylab should start upgrading as soon as possible.

If we get the full equipment of LF-3 or better LF-4 lasers, we can start making the Zeta Stargate. We skip other gates. We always do the gates on Sundays because we get double rewards for completing them. From the Zeta Gate we get many Green Keys, Log Disk (We use Log Disk to gain pilot skills points), UCB-100 ammunition and 45% chance for Havoc drone design.
During the generate a parts for the gate, you will get a lot of x2 and x3 ammunition, as well as some x4, so it’s not worth buying ammunition for Uridium. We can collect energy for the gate from daily missions, bonus boxes, collect Palladium on map 5-3 or buy it for uUridium. (At the beginning, it’s best to collect palladium (from level 12) , but later, it is better to collect Uridium and buy Energy, by the way we gain credits, experience points, honor points and resources.)

Remember that resources for upgrading weapons and other items are hard to get, so first we upgrade drones to level 13, and then Prometheus Lasers also to level 13. Later, we try to upgrade drones and lasers to the maximum level. Then we can upgrade other items. Remember, don’t upgrade other lasers, only Prometheus.

We will get many items from gold boxes that will allow us to create a better ship in the Assembly, I recommend the Deminisher or Solace to start with, for which there are easily accessible modules (Agatus Breach Event)

For events, it is a good idea to buy a combat pass (200.000 Uridium) and complete the event objectives. We can get ships and many valuable items.

You can set up 2 ship configurations in the hangar. In-game configurations can be changed during fly with the “C” key. For starters, I recommend the following settings:

Full Lasers + Full Shield Generators Full Lasers Full Lasers + Full Speed Generators Full Shield Generators

Later, I recommend other settings:

Full Lasers + Full Shield Generators Full Lasers Full Lasers + Full Speed Generators Full Lasers

Never stand still during a fight, be on the move all the time.
We shoot the stronger aliens by retreating in front of them at the distance of the lasers or making circles.
When we attack other players, we hang around so they can’t mark us, I’ll give it a big advantage.
Also remember about many useful items for PVP fights (Tech Items, EMP and Cloaking CPU)

Where can we earn credits and uridium the fastest?
The most effective way it is kill kristallons on X-7, Uber Aliens on 4.5 and Pirate Aliens on 5.2
Of course, it is most profitable to kill Boss Aliens (especially Cubikon on X-6, Invoke and Bechemot on X-BL), but here we must have a lot of firepower.
Complete daily missions and any available missions. You’ll also get a lot of rewards from the missions.


The following list shows the career path. Remember that each player develops differently, so don’t stick to it strictly:

  • Leonov Ship + Flax Drones (Leonov for maps X-1 to X-4 have more dmg)
  • Lasers LF-3 / LF-4 (don’t upgrade)
  • Generators (Speed and Shield)
  • 8x Iris Drones (you must have free space for the drone, sell flax drone and buy iris drone)
  • Better Ship (Goliath or another)
  • P.E.T. + Enemy Locator Mechanism
  • Better lasers LF-4 – Hyperplasmoid, Magmadrill, Paritydrill (don’t upgrade)
  • Formations: Drill, Heart nad Moth
  • Apis + Zeus Drone (Complete many ZETA GATES for Green Keys and open Gold Boxes)
  • Upgare All Drones to max level 16
  • 10x Havoc Drone Designs (ZETA GATE)
  • Reach Level 17
  • Full Prometheus Lassers
  • Upgrade Prometheus Lassers if you can.
  • Complete many HADES GATES for Schism Crystals
  • Hydra Rocket Launcher (+Max Upgrade)
  • 10x Hercules Drone Designs (KAPPA GATE)
  • Complete Kronos Gate (Spartan Drone Design Recipe)
  • 10x Create Spartan Drone Designs
  • Plus Ship or ship when you have modules for.

It is best to choose a ship for which we have good modules.

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