We always use the best ammo to fight players. It’s a good idea to mix x4 ammo with x6 ammo because x4 ammo has a 1 second cool down time and x6 ammo has a 3 second cooldown.

Basic Ammo:

  • UCB-100 – Damage: x4 (cooldown 1 sec.)
  • RSB-75 – Damage: x6 (cooldown 3 sec.)
  • RCB-140 – Damage: x7 (cooldown 3 sec.)
  • PIB-100 – Damage: x4 – Infectiouns Ammunition (infects ship) (cooldown 1 sec.)

PIB-100 – When a player is infected, the following effect is applied:

  • Damage: +10%
  • Hitpoints: -15%
  • Speed: -10%

It is possible to heal an affected player. The medicine is available in the shop.

  • ANTI-Z1 (1 charge)
  • ANTI-Z2 (10 charges)

Remember to use powerful rockets:

  • PLT-3030 – Damage: 6.000 (cooldown 1 sec.)
  • R-IC3 – Freeze the target for 2 seconds (cooldown 60 sec.)

Rocket Launcher:

  • HSTRM-01 – Damage: 4.000
  • CBR – Damage: 3.000 – Capture Shield Energy: 3.000

In addition, there are many supporting additives:

  • Mines
  • Boosters
  • Tech Items
  • EMP-01 – Uncloaks enemy players and resets enemy’s target.
  • Insta-Shield CPU – Provides you with protection for 3 seconds during enemy attacks (you take no damage).
  • Energy Leech – transfers 10% of the laser damage you cause back into ship hitpoints.
  • Cloaking CPU – Cloak your ship and stay invisible until you launch an attack yourself.

During combat, don’t stand still, hang around the player, it will be harder for him to track (click) your ship.

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