The Team Death Match (TDM) is an event game in DarkOrbit in which all companies compete against each other for a companywide reward. Each match will be fought between two companies on a dedicated map. The team which is the first to reach 100 points, or the team with the most points once the game duration is reached, will win a match. Each match won will add one point for the company’s TDM total on the scoreboard. Players will be separated into two groups based on their level: 8-13 and 14+.
– For the first map you need to be Level 8+ and the jump gates are located on the X-4 maps.
– For the second map you need to be Level 14+. and the jump gates are located on the X-6 maps.


There are three kinds of match-making:

  • Initial matches
  • New matches
  • Winners stay on map


Three matches will be created once a TDM starts, so that each company has two fights running at once:

  • MMO vs. EIC
  • EIC vs. VRU
  • MMO vs. VRU

New matches/Winner stays on map:
If a match ends and the winning team did not choose to stay on the map, a new match will be created according to the rules of creating initial matches.
If the winning team did chose to stay on the map, it will fight against the company they did not fight against before.


There will be a TDM beacon on all X-1 maps. If a pilot flies close to it, a TDM lobby button will appear above it. Clicking on the button will open the lobby UI. Players with a level less than 8 will still see the TDM beacon, but will get a notification that they need to be at least level 8 to be able to participate in the TDM, instead of the lobby.


  • The lobby heading has the player level appended (8-13 or 14+), and only the matches for the current level range are shown in the UI (this will update automatically).
  • Each match has its own row with the following information (stated numbers do relate to your own faction):
    • Matches that are currently running are marked by a small green icon.
    • Players: X of 8 (for example 6/8)
    • Points: How many points so far (calculated by kills minus deaths)
    • In Queue: How many players are waiting in the queue.
    • Opponent: One of your enemy factions.
  • Only matches of the player’s company will be displayed; ended games are removed from the lobby.
  • When the player selects a match row, it is highlighted and the match details are updated:
    • It shows for the two participating companies the points so far, and the amount of participating players.
    • If a match has already started, the time left will be displayed.
    • If a match has not yet started (due to not enough players), it will show how many players are required to start the match.
  • To join a match the player has to click on the Join button, which will warp the player to the TDM map if the following conditions are met:
    • The player is currently not in a Galaxy Gate, in the JPA, or in a Group Gate. If a player has registered for a TDM match which has not yet started, and enters one of these maps, they will be removed from the TDM queue.
    • The player has the required level.
    • The user is not already in another TDM match.
    • Both teams have at least three players that have joined.

If the above conditions are not met, the player is added to the TDM queue until the match starts. In the case that a match has already begun, the player is allowed to join if the match is still running, and the maximum player count in their team is not yet reached. If the maximum is reached, the player will be added to the TDM queue.


  • If a player is in the TDM queue, their current position will be displayed by a server notification message; meaning that each time their position changes, they will get an according notification.
  • While being in a queue, the player can join another queue. They will then be removed from the current queue and added to the new one. This means that the player can only be queued for one match at a time.
  • Upon being queued for a match, the ‘Join’ button is updated to read ‘Leave’. Clicking ‘Leave’ removes the player from the queue.
  • If a player logs out or closes the game client they will be removed from all queues.
  • Switching faction whilst queued will remove the player from all queues, and if this happens during the match, the player will be removed from the match.
  • Once match starting conditions are met, the player will get an according notification and a countdown displayed in which they need to confirm their participation. Otherwise, they will be removed from the queue.
  • Additionally, the player is able to leave the queue by clicking the ‘Leave Queue’ button.
  • Special cases: If a player is queued for a match, but the match ends before they can be pulled into it, a message is displayed telling them to try again.


  • The TDM map is a half-size map with two spawn zones. Players that respawn after being killed on the map get a personal NAZ for 20 seconds.
  • Whilst on the TDM map, the player will be able to open an event window to see the current statistics like:
    • Match counter for the 2 companies involved.
    • Lives the player has remaining.
    • Time left till the match is over.
    • Overall event score for all 3 companies.


  • A match begins after 20 seconds. Within this time the players cannot move out of their spawn zone and cannot attack each other.
  • A team receives 1 point per kill.
  • Each player starts the match with 3 lives and loses one life when killed.
  • The first team that reaches 100 points wins.
  • No friendly fire.
  • The match duration is 15 minutes, but will end earlier if a team manages to get 100 points – otherwise, the team with most points will win. If there is a tie, both teams will lose.
  • The team that wins will gain 1 point for their company’s total event score.
  • A player can leave the TDM whenever they want without getting killed. There will be an according icon in the spawn zone of each company which gives the player the option to leave the currently running match. If a player makes use of this function, they will not get any rewards (the result screen will be displayed).
  • If the player is participating in a match and gets a level up which exceeds the current level range, they can continue and finish the current match and won’t get kicked from the map. This does not go for the case that the player levels up while being in the queue – in that case, they will be removed from the queue.
  • If a team should have no opposition for at least 30 seconds, the match will end with no prizes being given out.


When a player gets killed in the TDM map, they get a killscreen that gives them the following options:

  • Re-spawn on their company’s spawn point in the TDM map within a 15 second countdown.
  • After the 15 second countdown the free TDM re-spawn option will be replaced with the default repair at X-1 map option.
  • The killscreen will display the remaining lives of the player. In the case they have lost all lives, they will only be able to spawn on their X-1 map.


The Match Result Window will be displayed once a TDM is over, or a player lost all of their lives. It will be displayed for 30 seconds. If the players close this window, or the 30 seconds passes, the players will be warped to their X-1 map.
The window banner will state ‘Victory’ if you won, ‘Defeat’ if you lost, or ‘All Lives Lost’ if you lost all of your lives and Statistics for your (on the left tab) or your opponent’s (on the right tab) company.

Statistics for all players who participated separately:

  • Kills/Deaths
  • Points (kills minus deaths)
  • Total damage given
  • Total damage received
  • Peak damage (highest damage given at once)
  • Winning streak: The maximum matches won in a row during the entire event
  • Rewards icon displayed. Clicking this will show the rewards you did win.


The company with the most points at the end of the event wins the following stackable Boosters for a period of 24 hours:

  • 10% increased price for selling ore.
  • 10% increase in Bonus Box loot (this will increase all the contents of bonus boxes, except for extra energy).
  • 10% more Experience Points (it will not be displayed/added to your Boosters). This bonus will be automatically applied to all NPCs and enemies killed by any player of the winning company.
  • If there is a tie, no company will win, and thus, no companywide rewards will be given out.

Personal Pilot Reward:

At the end of the event, or once they lost all their lives (regardless if they were in the winning or losing team), players are personally rewarded due to their performance. This means the rewards will vary; the more opponents a player kills, the better the rewards.
If a user does not manage to achieve more kills than deaths, the player will also get a small reward. This so-called “loser reward” will only be given out
once per match. If a player loses all of their lives, and rejoins the same match and loses all of their lives again, they cannot get the “loser reward” a second time.


  • Deathmatch Hero: Get a total of 200 kills in TDM
  • Deathmatch Warrior: Get a total of 500 kills in TDM
  • Deathmatch Dominator: Get a total of 1000 kills in TDM​
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