There are two buoys on the X-2 maps of each company, marked on the map:

  • Red – MMO
  • Blue – EIC
  • Green – VRU

The fun is to “steal the buoy” a enemy company that is appropriate for them.
For example, if we are an MMO and we go to the VRU map for a buoy, we take the one from the red portal.

  • We steal the buoy from the portal by clicking on it.
  • Once we catch the buoy, we have to deliver it to our own X-2 map, to the appropriate portal, then we will get a point.
  • The buoy automatically returns to the map from which it was stolen.
  • The masking module is automatically deactivated when the buoy is intercepted.
  • When we shoot down the enemy player who stole the buoy, the buoy stays in the place where the player was shot down, so take it and deliver it back to the appropriate portal on the X-2 map.
  • You cannot take a buoy from the portal on your own map.
  • The company that steals and delivers the most buoys will receive the prize of the day.
  • You need to be at least level 13 to go to enemy X-2 map for buoys.
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