Gate Dispatch is a feature that sends out Retrievers to completed Galaxy Gates and helps you to run them automatically. Just select a manually completed Galaxy Gate from the list to have it be completed over time.

To use this feature and to run the Galaxy Gate automatically, you need Galaxy Gates Excursion Units (GGEU), as well as having assembled or prepared the Gate in-game beforehand. You can only run one gate at a time. Once you started the process, you won’t be able to enter the chosen Galaxy Gate by yourself until the run is completed. Once the run is completed, you can collect your rewards from the „Gate Dispatch“ window on the web page. The rewards will be the same as if you did the Galaxy Gate manually by yourself, but will not include rewards from special events – the only exceptions are Bonus Galaxy Gate rewards and Galaxy Gate Double Rewards Day bonuses.

Step by step how it works:

  • Go to the Galaxy Gate materializer and make sure that your Galaxy Gate is fully built.
  • Only Galaxy Gates on wave 1 can be selected to be auto-completed with the GGEU.
  • Once you selected the GG for auto-completion, you cannot enter it anymore.
  • After the completion of the GG, you need to pick your rewards manually on the web page in the tab „Gate Dispatch“.​

You can find Galaxy Gate Excursion Units (GGEU) in the Assembly and you can craft the item there with 500 Solidus and 6.000 each. After completing the expedition, the GGEU disappear.

Event Galaxy Gates and Group Gates cannot be chosen to be run with the GGEU!
Galaxy Gates that are done via Dispatch do not count in missions!
The rewards that you get by using the Galaxy Gate Dispatch are not affected by any active boosters!

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