Unstable modules provide a randomly selected ship with a stat modifier. You can recycle modules already collected in your inventory to get new unstable shards.
Unstable shards can be used to change modifiers provided by unstable modules!
It is not possible to change ships in the module, only statistics can be changed.


You can change the stats of your unstable modules, but you can decide in each restabilization process if you want to get the rerolled stats or if you want to keep the ones from before.

Salvage Cost:

  • 200 Salvage Core
  • 38 ABR
  • 6 Indoctrine Oil

DMG-XHD01 2x 10x 10
DMG-XW01 2x 10x 10
DMG-X1 2x 10x 10
DMG-X2 4x 20x 8
DMG-XV01 4x 20x 8
DMG-XV02 4x 20x 8
DMG-ZPVE 4x 20x 8
DMG-ZPVP 4x 20x 8
DMG-XOF01 4x 20x 8
DMG-XOF02 4x 20x 8
DMG-XH01 4x 20x 8
DMG-XHU1 4x 20x 8
DMG-XA01 4x 20x 8
DMG-XT10 30x 150x 2
HP-XHD01 2x 10x 10
HP-XW01 2x 10x 10
HP-X1 2x 10x 10
HP-X2 4x 20x 8
HP-XV01 4x 20x 8
HP-XV02 4x 20x 8
HP-ZPVE 4x 20x 8
HP-ZPVP 4x 20x 8
HP-XOF01 4x 20x 8
HP-XOF02 4x 20x 8
HP-XH01 4x 20x 8
HP-XHU1 4x 20x 8
HP-XT10 30x 150x 2
SHD-XHD01 2x 10x 10
SHD-XW01 2x 10x 10
SHD-X1 2x 10x 10
SHD-X2 4x 20x 8
SHD-XV01 4x 20x 8
SHD-XV02 4x 20x 8
SHD-ZPVE 4x 20x 8
SHD-ZPVP 4x 20x 8
SHD-XOF01 4x 20x 8
SHD-XOF02 4x 20x 8
SHD-XH01 4x 20x 8
SHD-XHU1 4x 20x 8
SHD-XA01 4x 20x 8
SHD-XT10 30x 150x 2
SPC-XHD01 2x 10x 10
SPC-XW01 2x 10x 10
SPC-X1 2x 10x 10
SPC-X2 4x 20x 8
SPC-XV01 4x 20x 8
SPC-XV02 4x 20x 8
SPC-ZPVE 4x 20x 8
SPC-ZPVP 4x 20x 8
SPC-XOF01 4x 20x 8
SPC-XOF02 4x 20x 8
SPC-XH01 4x 20x 8
SPC-XHU1 4x 20x 8
SPC-XA01 4x 20x 8
SPC-XT10 30x 150x 2
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