Invoke XVI

Special Prometheus Laser increases damage against Blacklight aliens x3.5
Special A-BL Ammo increases damage against Invoke x8
The Invoke XVI is aggressive and attacks players who get too close. This alien is immobile, which means it cannot move and will only attack one player at a time, the one who was in range first. Going far enough out of range will reset the aliens attack target, it does not prioritize the highest damage dealer like most aliens do.
Once losing some health, this alien spawns 8 Impulse II respectively.
The Invoke XVI is a group of Independent NPCs. If you deal enough damage to them, you’ll receive a chest containing Rinusk and Blacklight Trace. The more damage you deal, the better the chest you will get. (5 chests with the same content possible)

Hitpoints: 36.000.000
  • 3.500.000 Experience Points
  • 20.000 Honor Points
  • 9.500.000
  • 2.000
  • 59-79 Rinusk
  • 32-39 BlackLight Trace
  • ? Eternal Fragment
Shield: 0
Max Damage: 30.000
Location: X-BL
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