Icy’s can be found along with the appearance of an Ice Meteoroid which can be on any map whatsoever; the Ice Meteoroid has the unique ability to teleport from map to map like a normal player, carrying its Icy’s with it. Icy’s can also be found in the Kappa Gate as a wave to defeat.

Hitpoints: 100.000
  • 6.400 Experience Points
  • 32 Honor Points
  • 12.800
  • 16
  • 100 Prometium
  • 100 Terbium
  • 100 Endurium
  • 16 Prometid
  • 16 Duranium
  • 2 Promerium
Shield: 80.000
Max Damage: 2.000
Location: X-3 – X-8
(Ice Meteoroid Event)
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