They cannot attack but upon being attacked will release Protegits which will attack the player dealing the most damage. After the Cubikon has been destroyed, these Protegits will roam the area until destroyed or despawned.
The Cubikon also heals itself very fast at a rate of up to 125,000 HP a second if not attacked. This makes running away and repairing and returning for the kill very difficult.
Everyone who attacks the Cubikon will have a shared portion of the reward based on your rank difference on the leaderboards.

Hitpoints: 1.600.000
  • 536.200 Experience Points
  • 4.096 Honor Points
  • 1.638.400
  • 1.024
  • 1.200 Prometium
  • 1.200 Terbium
  • 1.200 Endurium
  • 512 Prometid
  • 512 Duranium
  • 64 Promerium
  • 160 Xenomit
Shield: 1.200.000
Max Damage: 0
30x Protegit
Location: X-6
Map Location: (134,39) – (134,79) – (75,39) – (75,79)
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