Hitpoints: 330.000
  • 83.300 Experience Points
  • 190 Honor Points
  • 1.160.000
  • 116
  • 2 Bifenon
  • 400 Prometium
  • 400 Terbium
  • 400 Endurium
  • 64 Prometid
  • 64 Duranium
  • 8 Promerium
  • 4 Xenomit
Shield: 260.000
Max Damage: 16.500
Location: 5-3

Battleray Abilities:
ISH – Whenever this enemy uses the Summon ability, it gains an instant shield that lasts till the target destroys its’ summoned ships.

Repair – Whenever this enemy uses the Summon ability and has summoned ships alive, repair itself for 600 health every second. Ability can be empowered by Enrage.

Enrage – Whenever there are two or more players (P.E.T. 10s count as a player) attacking this enemy, the enemy enrages, improving its’ damage and certain abilities:
Basic Attacks – Uses RSB-75 instead of UCB-100, dealing more damage than normal.
Summon – Summons more Interceptors than normal.
Repair – Repairs itself for 30,000 health instead of 600 health.

Summon – Summons a group of Interceptors. This triggers its’ two passives: ISH and Repair. Ability can be empowered by Enrage.

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