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ABILITIES: Voltage Link
Unleash an electrical pulse which damages and stops enemies in their tracks for 1 second. This pulse jumps instantly from enemy to enemy, for up to 5 targets, where each jump increases in damage but decreases in jump radius.
The initial ship receives 50.000 skill damage.
Each ship in the chain receives more damage from the skill than the previous ship in the chain
If the first target is an NPC, the skill will prioritise choosing a nearby NPC ship within range
If no similar ship target is within range, the skill will jump to the nearest ship that fulfills the conditions
The skill will not count P.E.T. as a target
The skill cannot jump back to a target that has already been affected by the same skill
Maximum number of jumps: 5
Cooldown: 120s seconds.
The skill can only target the following players (works like Chain Impulse):
– from a different clan
– without PvP protection
– from a different group
– if from same Company, only on maps that allows same Company PvP
– if it won’t result in deduction of Honor
– the second target onwards doesn’t have to be from the same company as the first target​

Volt Discharge
This is an active skill that expends all charges from Voltage Link and grants you a laser damage buff based on the number of charges accumulated.
Laser Damage Bonus: +0.75% per charge
It can only be activated if you have at least one charge
The charges that are stored will be reset after leaving a map, upon re-login or when you are killed
Can be affected by JAMX or JAMX Creed
The skill is not affected by EMP​
Maximum charges: 20 (15% max laser damage bonus)
Duration: 20 seconds.
Cooldown: 60 seconds.​

Volt Back-up
When activated, the ship cannot be destroyed during the skill’s uptime period
If your ship’s HP is depleted to zero during the skill duration:
You will instead stay alive with 1 HP
Your ship becomes invulnerable for 3 seconds
Your ship can be healed through AoE or group healing
While being invulnerable, your ship can shoot NPCs or other players
The skill can be interrupted by JAMX or JAMX Creed (however, once the invulnerability is triggered, it cannot be interrupted by JAMX or JAMX Creed)
The skill is not affected by EMP​
Duration: 20 seconds.
Cooldown: 360 seconds.​


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