Refining is an ingame UI that allows the user to free up his space by letting the user refine raw/primary ores and prime/secondary ores into something better and, at the same time, it allows you to upgrade your ship with prime ores. It has two tabs, as seen in the picture in the right: Refining and Upgrade.
To upgrade, you need to drag one of the prime ores towards the component that you can upgrade with that ore.

20 Prometium + 10 Endurium = 1 Prometid Resource Laser Damage Rocket Damage Speed Shield Points
Prometid +15% +15%
20 Terbium + 10 Endurium = 1 Duranium Duranium +10% +10%
Promerium +30% +30% +20% +20%
10 Prometid + 10 Duranium + 1 Xenomit = 1 Promerium Seprom +60% +60% +40%
Osmium +50% +50% +50%

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