• Cagro Boxes have been turned into Roast Turkey Cargo Boxes
  • The Thanksgiving Boxes will be activated for all servers. These boxes are only available on 24th November (Thanksgiving day)
  • Double the rewards and special rewards from Galaxy Gates this Thanksgiving
  • There will also be some special Spaceball, Team Deathmatch, Ice Meteoroids, Capture the Beacon and Infiltration events from Thursday, 24th until Monday, 28th November.
  • Login every day from 24th November to 2nd December to get all rewards from the Thanksgiving Calendar!


You can find these on all maps from X-2 to X-8, 4-X and 5-X

  • 10-50 LCB-10
  • 5-35 MCB-25
  • 5-12 MCB-50
  • 5-12 SAB-50
  • 5-14 PLD-8
  • 6-12 ECO-10
  • 6-12 SAR-02
  • Turkey Spray
  • Small Turkey Emote
  • Eat Turkey Emote
  • 1 WIZ-X
  • 1 FWX-M
  • 1 FWX-S
  • 1 FWX-L
  • 2-3 Jump Voucher
  • 1 Repair Voucher
  • 18-28 Energy to Galaxy Gate Generator
  • 35-49 P.E.T. Fuel
  • 224-640
  • 20-132


Master Roaster Transform 200 players into roasted turkeys using WIZ-X rockets
Champion Roaster Transform 500 players into roasted turkeys using WIZ-X rockets
Turkey Overlord Transform 1.000 players into roasted turkeys using WIZ-X rockets

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