This is a Special event where your company can fight between the other two, and battle for the prizes at the end of each round.

You can find this in Map 4-4. Once you’re in map 4-4, you’ll see a Green Dot on your Mini-Map; that is the Spaceball.

All you have to do is help your company keep the ball, by shooting it.
You have to get the ball to your Portal in 4-4, the one which leads to your X-5 Map.
Once it gets there, you’ll receive some prizes:

  • 457 SAB-50
  • 241 UCB-100
  • 48 PLT-2021
  • 149 Uridium
  • 10 Extra Energy
  • 3 Repair Voucher
  • 2 Jump Voucher

Also, in special events like Halloween, you’ll receive this Special Ammo as well.

There are many prizes the company can win. You’ll receive bonuses for the next day forward.
These are just some of the possible prizes below:

  • 10% Experience
  • 5% Selling Cargo
  • 2% Extra from bonus boxes

The percentages may change for each round of Spaceball.

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