• Sector Control is an event game that is played on a dedicated map that contains control points that need to be captured in order to lower the enemy companies’ tickets (besides killing their pilots of course).
  • Each company has a set amount of tickets that are constantly bleeding you can increase this bleed for your enemies by destroying their pilots or by holding more control points on the map.
  • Holding more control points makes the enemy bleed more tickets and helps you win in the end.
  • Similar to the Level Invasion Gate, Sector Control is played on two separate groups for different levels of players.
  • One group is for players ranging from level 8 – 13 that can enter via the Sector Control point on the X-1 and one group is for players ranging from Level 14 – ∞ with Sector Control point on the x-1 as well.


  • There is a special Sector Control beacon near the middle of the X-1 maps. If you are close to it an icon will appear that will lead you to the Sector Control lobby.
  • In the lobby you have an overview of all the games that are running, the participating players and the progress of the games. You can just add yourself to the standby list up to join any game. If the game has already reached the maximum amount of players of your company (15) you will have to wait. If players decide to leave the match, a player on standby from their company will be able jump through the gate to replace them.
  • Players on standby are also pulled first for the next match after the running match is finished.
  • Players on standby are permitted to be in any regular map. They are not permitted to be in maps with special entry rules or that are instantiated, Jackpot Battles, Galaxy Gates and group gate etc. If players enter an unauthorized map, they will be removed from Sector Control standby status and a server notification will be displayed that reads: “Current location is not compatible with the Sector Control standby system. Removed from standby status.”


  • The game starts when there are 5 players of at least two companies waiting for a match. As long as there are not yet 5 players in at least 2 companies on standby no one will be moved to the map.
  • If there are 5 players of at least two companies on standby for a match, all players are warped to the Sector Control map.
  • At the same time, a countdown of 30 seconds starts allowing other players to join and to fill up the map.
  • Each team has a max. player number of 15 players. If a company has 15 players on a Sector Control map, no other players from that company can join the match. If players decide to leave the match they can do so and players on standby from their company will be able to jump through the gate to replace them.
  • New players get sent to the Sector Control map every second if there is space for them.
  • During the 30 second countdown, players will not be able to leave the vicinity of their starting points, so all 3 companies have identical starting conditions.
  • After 30 seconds the game starts and everything breaks into raging mayhem.


  • The game starts when there are 5 players of at least two companies on standby.
  • During this countdown players won’t be able to leave the vicinity of their base starting points.
  • Cloaking works like in the normal game, but players that are currently cloaked and within a control point radius does not count toward capturing or holding that control point. This also goes for the Spearhead’s ultimate cloak.
  • As an additional option, players can leave the Sector Control game whenever they want without having to be killed. The start area of each company has a button with an “open door icon” that appears above the start area once players are very close to it. When clicked it gives players a pop up in the client asking if they really want to exit the match and informs players that even if their team wins they will not get any bonus if they do not stay until the end.


  • To know which company has how many tickets left there is a scoreboard window on the space map.
  • When a company is bleeding tickets fast or is almost out of tickets the number of tickets will blink red and the speed of the blinking will depend on the speed the tickets are bleeding.
  • Each company has a base spawning point where the players of that company spawn. This point cannot be captured by the other companies!
  • This base spawning point has a cage zone that deactivates ship movement for 30 seconds at the start of the game. This is so that players with a slow internet connection are not at a disadvantage.
  • In addition, the spawning point has a repair field that repairs 10,000 hitpoints per second for all of its company.
  • Each company has a base starting area where the players of that company will spawn. This area cannot be captured by other companies – it’s not a control point.
  • Players that respawn there after being killed on the map get a personal NAZ just like the killscreen offers.
  • The starting points have a repair zone around them for the players of that company, that will instantly start to repair the HP of the ship if nearby.
  • Apart from the starting point the map has 4 control points which are located equally far away from all start points. The control point has a beacon at its center.
  • In Sector Control there are two ways of winning that work together: capturing control points and killing enemy players.

Control Point – Capturing:

  • A control point can be captured by a group of players that are within its capture radius, with the following rules:
  • A company needs at least 1 player in the radius of the control point in order to capture it.
  • In the case of a neutral control point, nothing happens if the attacking groups are of an equal size.
  • A control point can be captured by one or more players close to it. This group has to exceed the number of players from the enemy company that are holding the control point with their presence.
  • If there are more players from one specific company in the radius they will capture the point, or hold it if they owned it before.
  • If there is a controlling/defending group and the attacking group is of equal size, the control point will remain with the controlling/defending group.
  • If you start capturing a control point, this will be displayed with a progress bar on top of the space map for all players that are in the capturing radius of the control point.
  • Once a control point has been captured, the company logo is shown above the control point and the minimap is updated to show the control point in the company color.
  • Every extra player of the capturing team in the zone decreases the capture time by a set amount, up to a maximum of +8 players (overall maximum of 8).
  • The capturing progress goes back to the holding company in normal speed if the attackers/capturers will get killed or leave the area, even in the case that there are no defenders in the capture area. This always only works in favor of the company that is holding the capture point (because they were just quicker/better).
  • If a company is capturing a point from the neutral status and all of them get killed or leave the zone it will go back to neutral status in the normal speed.
  • The control points can have 4 different states. These states will also be represented on the minimap for all players. The capturing zones will be visible on the map as well and show the state of the control point.
  • If the control point is neutral, the radius of the control point on the minimap will be grey.
  • If the control point is held by a company, the radius will have the color of the company.
  • If the control point is in the neutral state and is captured, it will blink in the color of the company that is capturing it.
  • If the control point is held by a company and is being reverted to being neutral (not owned by any company), an outline in the color of the company that is “neutralizing” the point will be shown around the control point radius on the minimap.
  • Neutral is always in the middle for a short moment. A control point capturing bar won’t go directly from one color into the color of a different company instantly.


  • When players are killed in the Sector Control map they see a killscreen that gives them the option to spawn at their company´s starting point in the Sector Control map for free with a 15 second countdown. After the 15 second countdown, the free Sector Control respawn option is replaced with the default repair at x-1 map option.
  • When players choose to stay in the game and to respawn on the Sector Control map they spawn with the same shield bubble acting as attack protection that they get when respawning on location with the killscreen in the regular game.
  • When you respawn in the Sector Control map you always spawn at the starting control point of your company.

Ticket bleed:

  • Every company constantly bleeds tickets.
  • In order to speed up enemy company bleed tickets, a company has to at least capture 1 control point.
  • If two companies hold 1 control point, only the third company will bleed tickets.
  • If all companies hold 1 control point, there is no ticket bleed except for the players that are killed and the constant ticket bleed that is valid for all 3 companies.
  • If 1 company holds 2 control points, both enemy companies bleed tickets, except if one of the other companies holds the other two control points.
  • If 1 company holds all control points, the other two companies bleed tickets.
  • Each kill subtracts one 1 ticket of the company the player killed belonged to.
  • If a company did not manage to win the match after 15 minutes, the ticket bleed for all companies will speed up by the factor of 5.

Bonuses for Underdogs:

  • In order to give the companies that are behind a chance to get back in the game we will use the ticket bleed system mentioned below to give them bonuses on damage.
  • If a company holds 1 more control point than your company, there is no additional bonus.
  • If a company holds 2 more control points than your company, your company gets 5% more damage on lasers, rockets and Hellstorm rockets.
  • If a company holds 3 more control points than your company, your company gets 8% more damage on lasers, rockets and Hellstorm rockets.
  • If a company holds all 4 control points, your company gets 15% more damage on lasers, rockets and Hellstorm rockets.


  • If in the course of the match 1 company has less than 5 players there will be a countdown within the company since they need to fill up to a minimum of 5 players. If the company cannot get enough replacements into the Sector Control match, the company will be out of the match just like if their tickets ran out.
  • The match completely ends when there is only 1 company with tickets remaining.
  • If the tickets of your company reach 0 before the tickets of the other companies you are out of the game and will be jumped back to your X-1 map.
  • If the other companies have reached 0 tickets before your company, you have won.
  • If you are in the winning team, you will get an overview of your kill/death ratio and an additional reward before getting jumped back to your X-1 map.
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