Auction is a item trading system that was previously named Trade. This is where players can bid on elite items using Credits and the winner at the end of each auction keeps the item if it was the higher bid. This is an alternative way to earning new items without having to use uridium.
You must refresh the page to see the current highest bidder after some time, since it doesn’t self-update.
There is also now a filter to help find what you are looking for. While it does not go to the exact item you want you can pick out the type (lasers, generators, designs, etc).
You must bid at least 10,000 credits and you must bid at least 10,000 credits greater than another person bidding on the same item.
When someone makes a higher bid – and that is important for the daily and weekly auctions – you will immediately get the Credits back that you have reserved for this auction. The next time you make an offer, you have to enter the full amount again. Also: if your bid is too low, no Credits will be taken (“reserved”) from your account.


1.000x MCB-25 500 Aegis Ship 80.000 Vengeance Lightning Ship 250.000
1.000x SAB-50 1.000 Aegis Veteran Ship 100.000 Diminisher Ship 250.000
1.000x MCB-50 1.000 Aegis Elite Ship 200.000 Sentinel Ship 250.000
SG3N-B02 10.000 Citadel 80.000 Solace Ship 250.000
G3N-7900 2.000 Citadel Veteran Ship 100.000 Spectrum Ship 250.000
Cloaking CPU 5.000 Citadel Elite Ship 200.000 Venom Ship 250.000
Auto Rocket CPU 25.000 Spearhead Ship 80.000
Turbo Mine CPU-2 25.000 Spearhead Veteran Ship 100.000
Jump CPU-2 15.000 Spearhead Elite Ship 200.000
Radar CPU 15.000 Hull Module
Drone Repair CPU-2 15.000 Deflector Module
Smart Bomb CPU 50.000 Honor Booster Module
Insta-Shield CPU 50.000 Experience Booster Module
Advanced Jump CPU-1 75.000 Damage Booster Module
Rocket CPU 15.000 Repair Module
Cloaking CPU XL 22.500 LR Laser Module
Slot-CPU-2 75.000 MR Laser Module
Slot-CPU-3 150.000 HR Laser Module
Slot-CPU-4 250.000 LA Rocket Module
Rocket Launcher CPU 25.000 MA Rocket Module
Targeting Guidance CPU-2 200.000
Engine Boost CPU 15.000
Ammunition CPU 15.000
Repair-Bot Auto CPU 10.000
Cloaking Device Type A 500
Lab CPU 10.000
Cargo Compressor 10.000
Repair Robot REP-3 5.000
Repair Robot REP-5 20.000
LF-3 10.000
HST-2 15.000
Iris Drone 15.000
50x PLT-3030 700
50x PLT-2021 500
50x ACM-1 1.000
3x Log Disk 900
10x Xenomit 100
Experience Booster (10h) 10.000
Honor Points Booster (10h) 10.000
Damage Booster (10h) 10.000
Hitpoints Booster (10h) 10.000
Shield Booster (10h) 10.000
Cooldown Booster (10h) 10.000
Resource Booster (10h) 10.000
Repair Booster (10h) 10.000
Shield Regeneration Booster (10h) 10.000
Goliath Ship 50.000
Vengeance Ship 30.000
Leonov Ship 15.000
Vengeance Adept (design) 100.000
Vengeance Corsair (design) 100.000
Vengeance Avenger (design) 100.000
Vengeance Revenge (design) 100.000
Goliath Veteran (design) 100.000
Goliath Exalted (design) 100.000
Goliath Bastion (design) 100.000
Goliath Enforcer (design) 100.000
Goliath Crimson (design) 40.000
Goliath Amber (design) 40.000
Goliath Sapphire (design) 40.000
Goliath Jade (design) 40.000
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